November 19, 2012

Gandrung Dance as Icon of Banyuwangi Regency, Indonesia

The government of Banyuwangi gives special attention to the art of Gandrung. The purpose of this is to encourage the spirit of local ethnicity that will in turn increase the development of tourism. For this reason, Gandrung was determined to be the mascot of tourism in Banyuwangi according to the Banyuwangi Regency Decision, Number 173 in 2002.
Dance art form dominated by the distinctive orchestration is popular in Banyuwangi area located at the east end of the island of Java, and has become the hallmark of the region, up to not wrong if Banyuwangi always identified with "Gandrung". In fact, Banyuwangi often nicknamed the City of Gandrung and gandrung dancing statue can be found in various corners of the area Banyuwangi.
The word “Gandrung” comes from the Javanese word that means “desperately in love”. It means that they are in love with the goddess of the rice paddy, Dewi Sri, that brings prosperity to the people of Banyuwangi who are mostly employed as farmers. In gratitude for the good harvest, the people organize a performance which is called “Gandrung” because the farmers were in love with the goddess of the rice paddy.
The Gandrung performance used to be performed at night, running from 09 PM until 04 AM. This traditional art is performed during the day as well to especially welcome distinguished guests.
Gandrung dance that dominated with special orchestration is one of traditional art in Banyuwangi and become the characteristic symbol of Banyuwangi. So, in every event Banyuwangi always has similarity name with Gandrung. In fact, Banyuwangi is often called Gandrung City and in almost every corner of Banyuwangi, we can found Gandrung dance statue. Gandrung is often perform in many event, such as; marriage, Pethik Laut (marine ceremony), circumcision event, anniversary, and the others events.
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  1. Mbk itu foto gandrung siapa ya yang pertama atas sendiri yang dibawah judul itu cantik banget gandrung nya hehehehe iam Banyuwangi also iam student of Gajah Mada University proude with this Dance May God give mercy for Banyuwangi People by Laros pasukan semut ireng 1922


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