December 29, 2012

Sponsored Athletes Extreme Sports to Reach Gen Y (3)

This post is about the connection of marketing massage with sponsoring athletes extreme sports to promote products to reach Generation Y in the market.
Generation Y  composed of teens and tweens have willingness to take a risks. They are more interest with extreme sports than traditional sports. Extreme sports such as kite boarding, base jumping, extreme skating, or other sport that often involve speed, height, a high level of physical exertion, and highly specialized gear can make gen Y have big interesting.
The apparent popularity of action sports, when combined with the sponsorships, endorsements, and advertising have quickly garnered,because this is a big market of a company. A corporation want to give sponsor for extreme athletes and other facility to gain profit by interesting of gen Y who look at those sport.
What is the marketing message associated with sponsoring the athletes who take on the most challenges?  It’s interesting that corporations often choose to support athletes who change the perceptions of what’s possible.  There are any number of characteristics that corporate sponsors could look for.  They could highlight years of participation, Wounded Warriors, polymaths, or be the most outspoken advocates for the sport.  But perhaps its simply human nature to admire people who catalyze significant change.
Whatever corporate intention may be, sponsoring extreme athletes influences people. Most people will look up to their accomplishments as brilliant yet unobtainable. They may purchase the endorsed product but overall their lives won’t be greatly affected. Then there is a second group of people; the ones who are already participants. To these consumers the sponsored athlete becomes a gauntlet. They represent a new spectrum of what is possible to achieve, and as such become a challenge to live up to. Additionally, sponsored athletes sometimes direct popular focus to previously underground sports. For example, during the 2012 Winter X Games, Henkel Corporation and its Loctite brand adhesives and sealants will once again perform on the slopes by sponsoring three extreme athletes, according to a press release.
 However, today extreme sports increase popular in teens and tweens generation. They will receive message by marketers better than their parents or generation X. This opportunity can be readed by marketers and will be continuously useful for advertising.


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