November 19, 2012

Banyuwangi Graceful Charm

Banyuwangi Regency, East Java Province - Indonesia is famous for its Gandrung dance, it has many other types of dance. Starting from the oldest dance to the latest are briefly described below.
1.  Gandrung Dance
Dance from Banyuwangi this one has become a symbol of the city of Banyuwangi until Banyuwangi often called as the City Gandrung. Gandrung Dance is a celebration of dance inspired by the charm of the harvest goddess Dewi Sri, who considered Rice and Prosperity. At first dance is performed by men dressed like women. But now the women dancers who are still active. This is because the decision of the scholars' that prohibits men dress and behave like women. But that has now become an icon of Banyuwangi is Gandrung wadon Dance or Gandrung Women Dance.

2.  Seblang Dance
Seblang dance is dance Gandrung embryo creation. Dance is still preserved two villages in Banyuwangi, the Village Oleh Sari and Village Bakungan. Two of these villages have a common implementation, the dancer was a woman when dancing entered the spirits of ancestors. But these villages also have some differences in implementation details. Village Oleh Sari chose a small woman dancer who has not grown-up. While in the village Bakungan dancers are older women and no longer having periods (menopause). Execution time is also different, if the Village Oleh Sari implement in one week after the Eid al-Fitr, the village Bakungan execute one week after the Eid al-Adha.

3.  Erek-Erek Dance
Banyuwangi this one dance is a dance that tells the system how young men and women begin an affair. Beginning with a look, arrange a special meeting to lead to a more serious relationship.

4.  Santri Mulih Dance
This dance is a dance of Banyuwangi is quite new. This dance was created by Mr. Sumitro or commonly called Kang Mitro, founder and leader of the Jingga Putih Dancing. This dance was created in 2008. While the theme is taken is the story of the students studying at boarding school and eventually returned to the house and mingle back with the community.

5.  Barong Banyuwangi
Banyuwangi dance that is usually performed in a custom event "Barong Ider Earth" held yearly in the village Kemiren, Banyuwangi. Custom event is believed to be refused custody. The convoy barong was paraded around the village. Behind seven older women who took ubo rampe (ritual tools) and five female carriers of yellow rice and money Rp 99,900.-

6.  Bayu Puput Dance
Puput Bayu Dance is a dance Banyuwangi nuanced war. Puput Bayu is the harshest war in Banyuwangi among  the native of Blambangan city and Dutch VOC. This war packaged in a dance called "Puput Bayu Dance".

Similarly, some dance Banyuwangi which is one of the cultural diversity of Indonesian culture today.


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