November 19, 2012

Various Type of Batik Indonesia

Batik Indonesia has varied according to the type of batik making techniques, origin or based on patterns and motif. This diversity is a distinctiveness of Indonesian batik. Here's an explanation of the above statement.

Type of Batik

According to the technique of making
1.    Batik tulis (hand write), is decorated with fabric texture and style batik by hand. This type of batik takes approximately 2-3 months.
2.    Batik cap (printed), is decorated with fabric textures and patterns created with printed (usually made of copper). This type of batik process takes approximately 2-3 days.
3.    Batik lukis (painted), is a process of making batik painting by painting directly on the white cloth.

According to the origin of creation
Javanese Batik
Javanese batik art is a cultural heritage of Indonesia, especially Javanese-controlled areas of Javanese hereditary. Javanese batik motifs have different. The difference is because the motif is common motives that have meaning, the purpose is not just an image but it implies that they can from their ancestors, namely religion animism, dynamism or Hindu and Buddhist. Javanese Batik in many developing regions Solo or commonly known as Solo batik.

Motif Batik

1.    Batik Tiga Negeri
2.    Batik Jawa Hokokai, 1942 – 1945
3.    Batik Buketan asal Pekalongan dengan desain pengaruh Eropa
4.    Batik Buketan
5.    Batik Lasem

By region of origin

Batik Bali, Batik Banyumas, Batik Madura, Batik Malang, Batik Pekalongan, Batik Solo, Batik Tasik, Batik Aceh, Batik Cirebon, Batik Jombang, Batik Banten, Batik Tulungagung, Batik Kediri, Batik Kudus, Batik Jepara / Batik Kartini, Batik Brebes, Batik Minangkabau, Batik Belanda, Batik Jepang.
"Batik Madura"
"Batik Aceh"
"Motif Alas Nagari Biru - Batik Bali"

Based on Style

Batik Kraton
Batik Cuwiri
Batik Sida Mukti

Thus batik became one of the cultural richness of Indonesia. The culture should be preserved and maintained for continued by the successors of the nation.


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