December 9, 2012

Internet Will Replace TV, Such As The TV Has Replaced The Radio (1)

This time I will discuss about TV advertising began to lose face rampant advertising on the Internet. With the development of technology, the Internet becomes one of the means to share information in any form. Compared to TV, the Internet has its main attraction for companies that want to attract customers from around the world, cross-regional, cultural, gender and age. TV is only able to attract local consumers in addition to the cost of advertising is relatively expensive. Could be, within the not too distant future, the Internet will replace TV as well as TV advertising technology replace things that can be done by radio in the past.
One can spend time for hours in front of the internet to access all the information he needs and talk to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Many people are successful by promoting its products through the Internet. Can through Google ads (adwords) or facebook ads.
So which is more effective, Google ads (adwords) or facebook ads ? Each platform has positives and negatives.  Facebook and Google Ads can be likened to a party and a store.  Facebook is a party and Google is a store.  When people are in a store, they’re looking for something to buy.  When people are using Google, they’re searching for something specific and are in a buying mindset.  Parties, on the other hand, exist for people to enjoy themselves and interact.  People go on Facebook to connect with their friends, not to buy products.    People go on Google to find what they’re looking for, whether it be people, information or products.  This isn’t to say Facebook ads don’t work,  there’s been many success stories with Facebook ads but it’s not for everyone.
By using internet advertising, someone will get valuable information from consumers. The marketing department will find out who, where, when and how consumers are reading the advertisements published on the internet. Some of the information they have access to are :
  • Who watches your Ads
  • Where people see your ads
  • When people see your ads
  • How they see your ads
  • How they got to your ads
  • Where they click after they see your ads
  • Get personal information about your customer (Name, Address, Email)
  • Option to buy immediately
The only truly trackable information marketers get from TV is knowing when and where the ads were displayed.
The biggest benefit that advertising online is the ability to purchase right after seeing the ad. When you’re online it’s as if you’re in the world’s biggest mall.  So when you see an Ad online you can click it and buy it directly. Compared to TV ads that we see, if we want to buy, then we should be out of the house and go to the store to get it. People prefer practical things to get more time to do other things. So, how is the fate of TV advertising next? only time will tell.


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