November 13, 2012

Benefits of Papaya Fruit

Papaya is one of famous fruit to consume. Papaya fruit provide vitamin A for good eye health and vitamin C for immunity. Not too difficult to get it in the market or at the mall provides many types of papaya. His prices are relatively cheap with a lot of benefits to our body. Papaya has a unique flavor, in addition to fruits also make sauce, soy sauce, etc.. Papaya Fruit Benefits for our health among others :

  1. Contains Vitamin A, C and beta-carotene
If you have any problems with the eyes, eating papaya fruit is very necessary, because it is very helpful due to the content of vitamin A. Also great for immunity.

  1. Prevent Aging
If you want to have beautiful skin and not easily damaged, use papaya as a cosmetic and facial treatment. Because rich in antioxidants and are excellent in counteracting free radicals.

  1. Eliminate Acne
Add one tablespoon of honey and the juice or dab on your face regularly will solve the problem of acne and stubborn dark spots can be eliminated by performing regular maintenance.

  1. Detoxification in the body
Ward and cleanse the toxins in your body by eating well enough.

  1. As Antioxidants
Antioxidants contained in papaya is especially Vitamin C helps protect skin from damage caused by excessive sunlight. Papaya juice is helpful to reduce brown spots due to exposure to sunlight for too long.

  1. Papaya Contains the Enzyme Papain
The enzyme papain has so many functions, such as the break down proteins into arginine, and break down the food into a wide variety of protein or amino acids that can be absorbed by the body. The enzyme papain also efficacious as a medicine stomach such as diarrhea, stomach ulcers and constipation.

With a variety of benefits contained in papaya, we must provide for our daily needs. but must also be aware, excessive consumption of papaya can cause other digestive disorders. consume papaya taste.


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