November 15, 2012

The Most Strategic Way How to Fattening Body Naturally

Thin bodies often make us feel inferior and lose confidence. So many people who want to have a thin body with a hard diet to lose weight, but instead there are many who want a body containing body fattening way.
This article will share some tips on how to fatten your body with the right steps.
Before outlining some points related tips fatten the body, you should know some of the factors that affect the growth of body weight, as it is a determinant of success in the program you will gain fattening live.
  1. Factors Body Metabolism
Each person has a different ability to absorb food, or it could be affected by the disease is our digestion. For most digestive diseases we have encountered is a worm disease in children, whereas in adults some neurological diseases can affect the body's metabolism factor problems (especially coupled stress, depression, and so on). Consulting a doctor would be helpful.
  1. Hormone
Hormonal factors in the activity of life is affected, including the growth and absorption of food. For women, for example, the study of estrogen has a role in inhibiting growth.
  1. Genetics
Genetic factors also one that is no less important. In a group or race we can judge for yourself how the role of genetics in growth.

Once you understand some of the factors above, you can now undergo body fattening program by following the rules below.
How fattening Body :
  1. Check to Your Doctor.
The first step to making your body fat, you should consult to your doctor, because thin body can be caused by many things. Maybe one of them due to illness. Make sure first, you skinny body caused by certain diseases or not.
  1.  Adding Portion Eating
Difficult if the statement would be justified, but it is also not wrong 100%. The important thing is how we understand it as recommended by nutritionists. Adding eating does not necessarily done any, start by calculating BMI (Body Mass Index) and then assess the amount needed.
BMI = Weight (kg) / (height (cm) / 100) 2, for example, we have B = 50 kg, TB = 160 cm, then BMI = 50 / (160/100) 2 = 50/2, 56 = 19.53. Here's an explanation result:
BMI <17.0: Child Malnutrition BMI 17.0 - 18.5: Nutrition Less BMI 18.5 - 25.0: Normal BMI 25.0 - 27.0: Nutrient excess BMI> 27.0: risk
If you are in the category of poor nutrition or malnutrition, begin to determine improvement programs are eating as a way to fatten the body. It could be that you raise is not the quantity of food, but from the quality of your food. Surely it is better.
  1. Snacking
Snacking can also lead to weight gain and obesity, you can do it with a meal-snacks that contain lots of protein.
  1. White water (mineral water)
Water needs must be satisfied. in addition to making our bodies healthy water can also fatten the body and facilitate the digestive system. When waking up immediately drink water as much as possible. The need of water per day on average to 13 liters per day.
  1.  Drinking Milk
Milk is very good for health and can also increase your weight. Drink milk regularly so that you can get maximum results.
  1.  Sleep Disorders
Sleep is a necessity if you want to be fat body and do regular sleep. Many people have a hard time sleeping because they have taken it organized many activities and not a few of them often stay up.
  1.  Sports
Although already done all of the above do not forget to exercise and it is also highly recommended that our bodies cycles more regular.
That's a few ways on how to fatten the body most telling. To get the maximum results of course should be done regularly. Practice and take the process to the patient, then the weight you hope will be easier to achieve. Good luck, share this article if beneficial to FB or twitter.


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