November 19, 2012


Attractions in Lombok, in fact a lots and do not lose the beauty of the other attractions in the place. One attraction that is being widely discussed beaches in Lombok is Pink Beach. Pink Beach in the Destinations and Attractions Beach Lombok.
Pink Beach is so called because the color of the sand on the beach in pink. This beach is located in the District of Jerowaru, East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara Province, Indonesia.
Beach was formerly known as Beach Tangsi. The word Tangsi meaning dormitory or barracks, perhaps linked by adjacent to Tanjung Ringgit, the site of the headquarters of the Japanese army first. In Tanjung Ringgit there is cannons and artificial caves Japanese heritage of colonial days. The picture above is the meriam of Japanese army.
 Pink Beach has a special attraction because of its distinctiveness sand color. Pink color is formed by grains of native white coral sand mixed with crushed pink. Refractive sunlight and exposure to sea water adds more apparent color pink beach.
No less interesting on the beach is surrounded by cliffs. From the cliff, scenery can be enjoyed along with the sea breeze, the sound waves are very impressive wowed who enjoy it.
Pink Beach location can be achieved by using both two-wheeled vehicle or four wheel. It's just that if you use four wheels do not use a sedan because the road is still rocky and dusty should be skipped.

From the city of Mataram journey through Praya to the location it takes approximately 2 hours. Directions to the location of the Mataram - Praya - way east toward Jerowaru / Keruak.
Before entering Keruak, at the intersection Sepapan (east gas stations) to the south, then go Jerowaru.
From Jerowaru towards south to the village of Pemonkong, follow the left heading towards Tanjung Ringgit.
The road over the pass is good asphalt (hot mix), but be careful because the road is rather narrow.
From Pemongkong eastwards to the location of the course is asphalt, but a lot of holes.
Before arriving at the Tanjung Ringgit (kl 1.5 km) to the left of the road there are signs "BEACH PINK", follow. Now arrived at the Pink Beach location.


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