November 21, 2012

Rendang Padang, Culinary Heritage Society Minangkabau, Indonesia

Rendang is one of the typical food of Indonesia which the most famous. This food comes from recipes handed down Minangkabau people, Padang, West Sumatra Province, Indonesia. Rendang processed using meat and coconut milk as the main ingredient with the content of marinades and spices are rich. Cuisine with a spicy flavor that is loved by the entire community, and can be found throughout the house Eating Padang in Indonesia, Malaysia, or in other countries.
How to make Rendang with this recipe is very simple and easy to follow. Maybe for a beginner and have never made ​​it will experience some difficulties but overall would be fine.

Make Rendang Padang Recipes

Material rendang padang:
1 ½ pounds of beef
12 cups of coconut milk 3 eggs coconut
2 seed kandis acid
1 stalk lemongrass, crushed
1 sheet turmeric leaf
2 kaffir lime leaves
salt to taste

1 ounce of red pepper
15 pieces of red onion
6 cloves garlic
5 pieces of hazelnut
2 cm ginger
3 cm laos (which need not be crushed, press only)

How to make:
1. The meat is cut into pieces according to taste.In a frying pan: boil coconut milk with spices plus mashed leaves and sour kandis.
2. Stir constantly until thickened to coconut milk is not broken. If it starts out oil input pieces of meat
3.  Stir constantly over medium heat and cooked until the milk dries. Serve.

Rendang which in this cooking process takes a long time to coconut milk dry. So you have a little more patience to get satisfactory results from this taste Rendang Padang. Good luck. ^ _ ^


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