December 14, 2012

Professionalism in Marketing Blog: Advantage and Disadvantage Advertising Blog (2)

Advertising through blog more attractive for many companies, especially for small businesses. They are trying to get more attention from the customers through a blog post and include links that can connect with the next transaction, both bookings and purchases of the products they introduce.
As we can see, the explosion of blog users as a means for promotion in ASIA countries. But unfortunately, most of them are less concerned about the quality of the blog and ignore the niche that should they go. So professional attitude is also needed in the use of advertising through a blog.
On the other hand, blogs can also be misused by parties who are not responsible for cheat the public. Often we come across, the cases of fraud in the sale of counterfeit goods, fake services to fake job advertisements. As a reader, also have to be careful in using advertising information gathering popularity in the blog.
Most people judge that promote their products through blogging has many advantages, but it is also worth noting, that advertising through blog also has some disadvantages. These will be mentioned advantages and disadvantages of advertising through a blog.

Advantages Advertising Through Blogs

1. The easy solution for web publishing. Blogs are easy to use and developed for anyone, whether beginner or advanced. Simply write your thoughts and connect with the link of your product, your company's name has appeared and is known by the reader just by pressing a few buttons. Through software you can update your blog more easily and cheaply than by contacting the designer's website.
2. Lower Cost. For small business, blogging a viable alternative that is easy and inexpensive marketing without having to use a lot of time to learn web html or hire a web developer, the name of the company they've been able to get out on the internet and can be accessed easily.
3. Better communication. Blogging can provide better communication to consumers through the information posted in the form of product information, company information as well as additional information relating to the company as supporting information.

Disadvantages Advertising Through Blogs

1. Short life-time blog. Bloggers who only use blogs to make money will not last long, they do not care about the "clean internet", just expect the money.
2. Poor quality of the postings were written. Not a few bloggers who ignore the quality of the writing. Does not provide convenience to the reader.
3. Link removal, "nofollow". After bloggers get paid, they many times growing niche to remove the links from the written posts or to apply a rel = "nofollow" tag. With the reason to avoid being Penalized by Google.
4. Google penalization. Both bloggers and advertisers can be Penalized by Google while in the blog marketing industry. Reason? Backlinks and Google's efforts to stop everything that's not natural linking. Usually blog marketers can ask bloggers to rel = "nofollow" their links.
Marketing blog will still ogled by advertisers and bloggers as one means of promotion and earn money. What is needed is a mutually beneficial relationship with no excuses fraud. Noteworthy also is the professionalism in providing a quality post to support the promotion can be run well and the honesty of the bloggers to get satisfaction from customers. Because the strength of marketing is the trust and satisfaction of the customer.


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