February 1, 2013

VNR's Company for It's Viewer (6)

I begin this information with VNR’s issue. In 2006 the FCC publicly warned licensees that they might have to disclose the origins of any tape used in a newscast if it was originally provided as part of a VNR. According released study prepared by the Center for Media and Democracy and Free Press,  as many as 77 TV stations use VNRs-supplied tape in the last year without disclosing its origin and then followed by demands that the station should apologize to their viewers.
From this case, i think many parties who want to utilize the original VNRs without disclosing its origin. They just want to take benefit by making a few modifications to the video that he made or did not mention the source of the video. Basically, VNR must disclose the nature, source and sponsorship to protect copyright.
On the other hand, the definition of VNR is one of public relation tool that produced in a video newscast format and distributed to the news departments of television stations to be aired as a news item in a regularly scheduled newscast.
One of advantage VNR is people are more likely to believe the company if they can see it. Video enables the audience to both see and hear what company have to say. And the key disadvantage of VNRs for companies is the loss of control of whether or how VNR content is used in the newscast. The company can not control the news that include in the VNR will released by the station television. If news departments increase something bad, it will make viewer have different opinion when they watch the VNR and make company suffered.
So, the best thing is when the company can promote and control how to keep the message in the video can be properly conveyed to the viewers.


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