November 19, 2012

The Joneses Movie Summary

The Joneses is a rent family from one company that sell many things, such as gadgets, cosmetics, cars, foods, beverage, cloths, and accessories. A picture-perfect family moves into an upscale community, impressing the locals and integrating themselves into every aspect of the community until a sudden tragedy forces them to reassess their priorities.
Steve and Kate Jones have everything a happily married couple could ever want: their kids, Jenn and Mick, are intelligent and attractive. Very popular. They live in an affluent neighborhood, and their sprawling suburban home is jam-packed with all of the coolest gizmos and gadgets that money can buy. It isn't long before the Joneses have struck up a friendship with their next-door neighbors Larry and Summer, and become integral components of their community.
A company need them for their promotion. This is one way from technique of promotion product. Every part of family has each focus group in the market. They sell with wear it in their body for cloths, cosmetics, and accessories and use golf set, car, and gadget of company's product for their daily activity. They show to their friends, make their friends want to have too. The company can see the opportunity of mouth to mouth technique promotion. But, in other side, this technique make negative effect that make Larry, their neighbor, died a suicide because he felt lost in the competition.
This is the video trailer of this movie. Great movie with a nice combination both of drama and comedy. Check it out. 


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