December 30, 2012

Utilizing Wardrobe Malfunction as Advertising (4)

I tell you about some of internet media make use rumors, gossip or news as Wardrobe malfunction as a tool to introduce themselves. As done by, the online domain and internet service from Schottsdale, Arizona. harness issue of wardrobe malfunction Janet Jackson with increase of broadcast censorship hearings in their program.

 An Internet domain-registrar company tried to capitalize on the Janet Jackson “wardrobe malfunction” scandal with a commercial featuring a buxom young woman whose flimsy top repeatedly comes undone while testifying before “broadcast censorship hearings.”
The ad was produced by The company claims to be the largest Internet domain-name registrar. hyped its ad as “the year’s funniest and most entertaining commercial spot. Considering the fact that Super Bowl ads score just as big with fans as the game itself, that’s a tall order. But in its own take on this year’s media censorship debate, is likely to be the most talked about Super Bowl XXXIX ad.”

While a longer version of the commercial that aired was rejected by the Fox Television Network, the aired version seemed certain to reignite the nationwide controversy that erupted after last year’s Super Bowl halftime show featuring Janet Jackson’s top coming undone, baring her breast. to make himself successful with in parody of Janet Jackson's 'wardrobe malfunction'.

Ways of advertising like this has a high risk, a company should be more considerate of the positive and negative impacts in choosing how to do advertising.


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