February 3, 2013

Actually, a TV Program for Entertainment Or Commercial? (10)

This time, I am more interested in getting TV Channel complaints from loyal viewer flagship program due to commercial impressions of the ads that sponsor spends a longer duration than 1 session at the running program.
As I often look at one of the TV channels Indonesia, Trans 7, at a program "Ranking 1" having a lot of time shifting. This program was initially launched, quiz show hosted by Sarah and Ruben has a relatively short commercial break to the audience, especially I can enjoy quiz shows is happy and comfortable. However, the day, the satisfaction of watching a program is reduced because of the amount of advertising during the events occurred, and coupled with the look of a commercial break with a longer duration.
Not to mention the hidden purpose of advertising a program on the TV channel.  As happened in Trans TV Investigations program. On impressions investigative expose on counterfeit products in the market shrimp pasta, shrimp pasta comparing the original and the fake. However, on the sidelines of the program indicated a factory worker who wears the uniform of a famous shrimp pasta company. Besides, commercials featuring ads from the company to repeatedly reinforce the suspicion that behind the public information shall also contained veiled commercial capital of the parties. Adverse effect of this action is the reduced opportunity for small businesses to market their products in the same product type.
Loyal viewers of a TV channel may also experience boredom while watching a favorite TV program interrupted with advertising displays are a major source of a TV station. Therefore need to be considered for TV service providers to be careful with the target consumer conditions.


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