February 3, 2013

The Power Behind “Word of Mouth" Marketing (9)

At the time this blog entry, I will explain about the power of “word of mouth” marketing. This word is not foreign to us, we often hear that the strategy of word of mouth to be one effective way of marketing a product. the key to this strategy is the consumer.
Consumer targeting crosshairs of a product actually has a huge potential to market the product being marketed. Consumers like a virus that can spread very quickly which was originally initiated by only one person who has an extensive network, to give effect to the marketing of a product. Recommendations and marketing "word of mouth".

So when the product has a positive value will have a tremendous opportunity to recommend consumers to other consumers, and vice versa when the product was thrown into the market are considered to have a negative value, it will get negative publicity by consumers. Even the results of a research institute for the research showing the negative (Negative Word of Mouth, NWOM) has a spread rate is greater than the positive things (Positive Word of Mouth, PWOM). Based on the research results of the average consumer in a positive premises told to 7 people, while the negative to 11 people.
In the Word of Mouth Marketing activities, manufacturers can take advantage of the potential customers to contribute to changing consumer becomes positive attitudes toward the product being marketed. These customers are profitable talkers who have influence and a network large enough to influence other consumers to be positive, try and buy the product.
By looking at the influence of the power of word of mouth marketing, the manufacturer of a product needs to be more focus on running the Word of Mouth Marketing. Making our customers talk about (do the talking), promoting (do the promotion) and sell (do the selling).
In addition the company should be able to control the pace of this marketing strategy and can also always try to give a positive impression of the quality of products or services, so that people also talk about the positive things that can improve the marketing of their products and enhance their corporate image in the eyes of the public.


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