February 3, 2013

Saving Face of Company by Advertising (8)

In this blog, I will discuss about maintaining "The Wall" of company by advertise. Besides as transmitter of information about the company to customers, advertising can also serve as an image-forming products. Customers will be judging from the contents of the ad. As advertisers needed a professional editor to evaluate a good or bad effect will be given by an advertisement.
Most of the advertisers do not want to be bound by rules that limit their creativity in advertising a product but they also have the standard in making an ad. Save the face of the company by providing a positive ad but often, too, the company asks advertisers to negative ads. the company wants to build the issue to introduce the name of the company to the public. Negative advertising is still to be followed by other information from advertisers who are trying to maintain the "The Wall" of the company.
Not only TV and radio media who put themselves as professional advertisers, but also other media such as magazines and newspapers. Many people make the two media as daily reading, for example, there are 3.212 consumer magazines in the UK. magazines can reach 87% of the total adult population and UK consumers will spend £ 2.5bn on magazines this year.  These media also find the way come into internet for expand their market ads and give more advantage to the company.


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